02: Calleigh Duquesne

Watch CSI Miami to get Inspired from Calleigh DuQuesne Calleigh has proven that talent and beauty are a potent combination. Though she often uses her charm to break down barriers, Calleigh always relies on her calm rational to get to the heart of a crime. In the end, all that matters to her is that justice is served.

Played by Emily Procter

Emily Procter
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CSI Miami - Calleigh Duquesne

What do we know about Calleigh?

Personal Information:

Job: Day Shift CSI
MDPD Police Officer
City: Miami-Dade
Rank: CSI Level Three; Detective
Postion: CSI Assistant Supervisor

Height: 5'3
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Race: Caucasian
DOB: September 3, 1977
POB: Darnell, LA
Address: 1025 Saratoga Avenue, Bal Harbour, FL 33154

Education: B.S. in Physics, Tulane University
Special Skills: Ballistics, Firearms and Tool marks. Fluent in Spanish
Marital Status: With Eric Delko at this time learn more about her relationships here


Calleigh is a ballistics specialist. Originally from Darnell, Louisiana, she is fluent in Spanish and has a bachelor's degree in physics from Tulane University. While working for the New Orleans Police Department, she gained the nickname Bullet Girl because of her expertise in ballistics and weaponry.

Calleigh is almost an eternal optimist, with a sunny disposition and a smile to match. However, this attitude does not in any way reflect her quest to put criminals where they belong. She is pretty much universally liked by her co-workers who sometimes remark about her being nearly too happy. She once gave a lengthy explanation for why she was so cheerful after a hurricane (Hurricane Anthony) that explained her rationale; to which Tim Speeld replied "You know, Eric, she's almost too cheerful.

While she does not believe in supernatural curses and the like, she does believe in karma. Though her time as a CSI has exposed her to fierce violence and gore, Calleigh has remained a gentle, compassionate CSI when facing the victims of violence. In episode 218, she has an intense fear of ants which Eric Delko helped her overcome. Her response to his question, "Should I get this?" Was, "No. I"ll do it. The best way to overcome a fear is to face it, right?" To which he responded, "Absolutely."

According to episode 416, Calleigh's apartment address is 1025 Saratoga Avenue, Bel Harbor, FL 33154. But she's so infrequently at home, she seems to live at the lab.

Her father, Kenwall 'Duke' Duquesne, is an alcoholic defense attorney who has tried to rehabilitate himself several times. Calleigh sometimes helps him by picking him up and driving him home when he is too drunk to do so himself. When he comes to the lab to confess that he might have killed someone whilst driving while drunk, she lies to her boss, Horatio Caine, to protect her father. Her father sometimes calls her lambchop. Her parents divorced around 1992, and the separation was bitter and hostile.

Calleigh reveals that she once dated a Marines Corps Special Ops sniper, now retired, who helps Horatio understand the mindset of a sniper on a spree in downtown Miami Calleigh has a brief relationship with Detective John Hagen, former partner of Horatio's brother Raymond in season two; they break up when he goes on leave for a bad back. Ryan Wolfe to her shock informs her that a bad back is a euphemism for not passing the department psychological evaluation. They try to hook up again when he returns, but it doesn't last because Hagen's constantly interfering with her more dangerous investigations in a misguided effort to protect her. No one messes with Calleigh when she's involved in a case, not even Horatio is that stupid (and he's her boss).

In the season 3 finale, a deeply depressed Hagen steals a crucial piece of evidence from a crime scene, hoping to produce it later and look like a hero. Unfortunately for him, Calleigh notices the void when she comes to photograph the scene, and Hagen comes up from behind, pulls his gun on her, and flees. Though at the time she doesn't not know that he is the perpetrator, she remembers vividly the sound of the gun ****, and recognizes it moments before Hagen commits suicide in the ballistics lab. She finds the missing evidence in his jacket pocket as the coroners wheel out his body.

She also shares a mutual attraction with Special Agent Peter Elliot, a Fed from the Financial Crimes Division, when they first meet in episode 217. However Hagen in jealousy and hostility warns Elliot to back off from Calleigh. Elliot goes on to become engaged to State Attorney Monica West, but neglects to inform Calleigh of such, continue to offer warm overtures to her. Calleigh is naturally upset and angry when his fiancee walks in and introduces herself, after he survives a shooting at the lab, although Elliot tries to defend himself by saying that he was going to tell her soon.

When the lab later comes under intense scrutiny by the FBI, Calleigh determines that Elliot was the last person to handle the money that went missing from evidence, and that it is Monica West who is leaking false information that discredits the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, as well as stealing the money. Despite their falling out, she and Elliot remain good friends and she calls him in to determine the authenticity of money they confiscated during the course of a case.

Ryan Wolfe's first case upon joining the lab investigates the possibility that Calleigh's father killed a man while driving under the influence of alcohol. Therefore Calleigh and Ryan's relationship starts on a bit of a sour note. However, Calleigh soon grows to accept him. She is often caught in the middle of verbal sniping between Ryan and Eric Delko, until at least they grow to trust each other. She later buys an iPod for Ryan's niece, and when he pays her back with a $100 bill, she is dismayed to learn from Federal Agent Peter Elliot that the bill is counterfeit. Though Calleigh confronts Ryan about his participation in the very Death Pool they are investigating she does not follow up officially and Ryan destroys all his winnings shortly afterwards.

During an investigation in 2006, another of her former love-interests surfaces; an undercover ATF agent, Jake Berkeley. Unfortunately Berkeley has become too enamoured of his role in a weapons-dealing, drug-using motorcycle gang, and at one point Calleigh suspects that he murdered his clean partner, Ken McCarthy, though this assumption is later proved false. There are indications that they have resumed their relationship by the end of Season Five. In fact Calleigh goes to Antigua with Jake on her first vacation in a long time, so it can be presumed that they are in a significant romantic relationship.

After colleague and friend Eric Delko is critically wounded in the line of duty Calleigh and fellow CSI Ryan Wolfe go to the hospital to give him blood, but they learn that they are too late and that he is on plasma due to catastrophic blood loss. Calleigh and the others take turns at his bedside. She places a cross in his hand to show how much she cares, and is scared for him while he is unconscious. She is first to talk to Eric after he wakes up and the first to learn of his impaired memory when he asks after his months-dead sister Marisol.

Calleigh, not wanting to upset Eric in his critical condition by reminding him of her tragic murder, demurs for the time being. She is instrumental in discovering his shooter by her analysis of the bullet fragment recovered from Eric's head. After Delko's return to work, Calleigh keeps a close eye on him, going over his reports and making sure his recovery is as complete as they would like. Unfortunately, she discovers a small but critical error in his procedure, which almost allows a killer to escape justice. Later a depressed Delko declines to join her in the interview room, saying forlornly he came back to work too soon, even though earlier he provided critical insight to the case. Sympathetic, Calleigh allows him to sit out the interrogation. When Eric notices Calleigh's relationship with Jake Berkeley, he displays symptoms of jealousy, indicating his has his own romantic interest in her.

Other Major Events
Calleigh is targeted by a murderer recently escaped from prison in the season one finale. She had been instrumental in putting him away, thanks to her testimony at trial. Despite the danger, she refuses to take herself off the case, much to John Hagen's frustration. Calleigh herself brings the murderer into custody after she catches him at a gun store.

Following Hagen's suicide in her lab at the end of season three, Calleigh transfers out of ballistics briefly, only to return when she witnesses her predecessor's incompetence. When Horatio Caine and Eric Delko go to Brazil in pursuit of murderer Antonio Riaz, Calleigh is given temporary charge of the lab. Despite the geographic distance between them, she does her best to help them in their quest for justice by identifying a substance that leads them closer to Riaz.

During the course of one case. while taking back roads to avoid the traffic on the way back to the lab from the scene of a murder, Calleigh is nearly killed when another vehicle forces her off the road and into the water. Fortunately, she is able to escape the Hummer before she drowns, but most of the evidence is contaminated. Despite this setback, she and the team eventually solve the case. She is also shot in the line of duty after tracking down and confronting a suspect, but her Kevlar vest protects her from any serious injury.

She was also kidnapped by men who are trying to cover up a murder while H is in Brazil. she is later rescued


Calleigh Duquesne was born in rural Louisiana in a "shotgun" shack not long after her parents' shotgun wedding. Her mother came from a proud family with a wealthy name that lost the wealth generations ago. Her father was a dashing young public defender. Unfortunately, it was not a match made in heaven.

Duquesne grew up watching her parents drown their disappointments. Her mother retreated into fantasies of her family's faded affluence. What they lacked in wealth, her mother made up with an alcohol-fueled imagination, while her father drank away what money they did have, fueling not his imagination but his rage. To avoid their daddy's belt, Calleigh and her brothers learned to survive many nights away from home.

But when her father was sober, Calleigh was the center of his world. What wisdom he did have he shared with her, and she was eager for his attention. She learned to master a gun, that a woman can do everything a man can, and that protecting justice was the highest call of all. Like most children of alcoholics she saw only his better angels. She wanted to grow up to be just like him.

With the help of a teacher, Duquesne enrolled at Tulane University with a full scholarship, the first of her family to go to college. Reinventing herself, she took her mother's name -- Duquesne -- and used her charm to enter the lifestyle her mother had always dreamed about, choosing a degree in the sciences far from her narrow-minded past. But after graduation, she couldn't escape everything her father had taught her. Protecting justice became the call of her life.

While walking a beat for the New Orleans Police department, her knowledge of firearms gained her the reputation as the "bullet girl," and she was soon asked to join their crime lab. Not long after that, her boss received a call from an old friend in Miami, Horatio Caine. Miami-Dade was looking for a ballistics expert. Patrol Lateral from Jacksonville, FL, with a stop at Florida State Institute.

Her work style:

While walking a beat for the New Orleans Police department, Calleigh earned herself the nick-name "bullet girl," because of her outstanding knowledge of firearms. Word traveled to Miami, and Horatio Caine hired her on as a ballistics expert. A Patrol Lateral from Jacksonville, Florida.

Calleigh's Gun:

Calleigh once carried a "Lady Smith" 3913 semi-auto. It is a 9mm but I spoke with Corey Miller, who said she now uses a Kimber compact .45 caliber semi automatic. So it's different than the one Wolfe said he used in the episode. There are standard issue weapons, but people may also choose different weapons that are best suited to them. How cool is that! The actors get to use their choice of weapon.

Personal demons:

Calleigh grew up with an alcoholic father and numb mother. She has risen above her family issues but her past still informs her professional and personal life. She's constantly watching over her father as he makes innumerable attempts to stay sober. She wants desperately for him to succeed, but knows the odds aren't good.

Her man troubles stem from her early experiences with her dad, a failed relationship with Jake in college, and who knows what else. She's good at keeping her private life private, except when it comes to dear old daddy.

Defining Cases (or Episodes):

Season 1 ~ "Kill Zone"

Season 2 ~ "The Best Defense"

Season 3 ~ "Under the Influence" She and Ryan help her father who thinks he might have killed someone.

"10-7", John Hagen kills himself in Ballistics in front of Calleigh. This is the reason that she left firearms for a while. This experience taught her that not all uses of firearms are constructive. She learned also that some men will attempt to manipulate you into a relationship because they think they can. She shows great dedication to service when she later resumes her duties in the ballistics lab because the new recruit doesn't understand the meaning of the words "rush" and "priority".

Season 4 ~ "Urban Hellraisers" and "Under Suspicion"

Season 5 ~ "Going Under" and "Going, Going, Gone..."

Season 6 ~ "Stand Your Ground"


02: Calleigh Duquesne - CSI Miami
  • John Hagen (later killed himself in the episode "10-7" [3.24] in front of her)

  • Special Agent Peter Elliott (He flirts briefly with her, and tries to go out with her. Things are looking up until Calleigh finds out he has a fiancee and severs the relationship. He also earns her disdain for shoddy investigation during a robbery investigation when he releases a female suspect without doing a more thorough investigation.)

  • Jake Berkeley (ex-flame and star of their academy class. It's been hinted that their demise was because of his undercover work. Also because the two were too similar in nature and character for a relationship to work.)

  • Eric Delko- There is something there hopefully soon we can officially add his name here instead of just a hopeful! It needs to be done with taste and discretion. Remember, everyone, after the party's over these two will still have to work in the same office.


She has a tattoo, mentioned in 1.14, forced entry (Mentioned by Tim Speedle) ( Mentioned to Haratio Caine)

02: Calleigh Duquesne - CSI Miami


{On mixing a 6ft bloke and shotgun.} "Hot flashes but that's just me!" You can see that from the picture up above

(after being asked about her relationship with Peter)
John Hagen: You sleeping with him?
Calleigh: This conversation is over.
John: (grabbing her arm) What if I dont want it to be over?
Calleigh: Then you better remember what I do for a living.

"There are two ways this goes down, either way you're dropping the gun." You can see this from the picture below

"You may be a lawyer but I'm a C.S.I., a damn good one"Body Count wall

Calleigh Duquesne: That smells good.
Eric Delko: What, Cafe Cubano? Put some hair on your chest.
Calleigh Duquesne: Don't you just say the sweetest things.

Calleigh Duquesne: Why fill in the number? Why not just sand it all the way down?
Tim Speedle: I don't know. Maybe it's a guy thing.
Calleigh Duquesne: What? They'll add on or cover up, but they won't mess with the chassis?
Tim Speedle: You know what, you're scaring me.

Calleigh Duquesne: [walks into gun vault, smiles and sighs] Be still my heart.

Eric Delko: What's your plan "B"?
Calleigh Duquesne: Gun Vault.
[enters gun vault, smiles, and sighs]
Calleigh Duquesne: Be still my heart.

Calleigh: I feel like a humming-bird on 6 cups of coffee
Horatio: describe that to me
Calleigh: Uh...I feel confused...angry...confused

(IAB:"you told us your name was Calleigh Duquesne, is that correct?")
Yes thats correct....oh!! Or lamb-chop! But only my dad seems to call me that now"

(to Erika Sikes after she claims she's a journalist to serve the public)
'If that where true sweetpea then you would be writing for a newspaper not plastering your face over the evening news'

(During the autopsy of a shark)
Alexx: Eugh, i am never eating seafood....again!! These things really are garbage disposals
(emptying the sharks stomach)
Calleigh: Cardboard, Vegetables,...mmmmmm... looks Delicious!!

Eric: Calleigh, I wanted to thank you. For taking care of that girl today.
Calleigh: It's no problem. You would have done the same thing for me.
Eric: Yeah. It's just that, uh... you've helped me out a lot this year.
Calleigh: Well, I appreciate you for appreciating me.
(Calleigh kisses Eric on the cheek)

(Calleigh gets a piece of glass stuck in her finger at the crime scene.)
Calleigh: Ow! Damn it.
Eric: What happened?
Calleigh: It's a piece of glass.
Eric: Hang on a second, let me see. Ooh.
Calleigh: That'll teach me to leap before I look.
Eric: Got it.
Calleigh: Eric…
(he smiles)

Calleigh: ...And no midnight tip toe.

Calleigh: Hi guys. Bye guys.
Eric: Hey Calleigh, I heard you busted the stereo man.
Calleigh: Hey I heard you found out who the car crash victim really is.
Yep he was a bad guy.
Calleigh: You know may be not all bad.
Speed: I think the mob would disagree about 1.5 million times.
Calleigh: But you know what I was thinking, if he hadn’t stolen from the mob then he wouldn’t have become a beach bum in Florida, then he wouldn’t have gotten picked up by the hurricane and if he hadn’t have gotten picked up by the hurricane then he would never hit Burton's car if it wasn’t for hitting Burton’s car Burton would have gotten away with murder.
Eric: Leave it to you Calleigh to find something good to come out of a hurricane.
Calleigh: They do alleviate global worming.
Speed: She’s ah, way to cheerful.

John Hagen: "You and Kerner have a history??"
Calleigh: "We've been through two hung trials, its not like we're picking out china."
-season 2 Body Count

Camera guy: "Hey you're hot, flash me."
Calleigh: (opens her jacket showing her gun and shield) "Is this hot enough for you or do you want to see my weapons permit?"
-season 1 Spring Break

FBI Agent Peter Elliot: (in reference to money seized in a robbery) "Well if you don't, you'll be hearing from my boss."
Calleigh: "Oh, I got goosebumps"
- season 2 Money For Nothing

"You tell anyone I did this, I'll kill you."- Calleigh to Eric (while recreating a scene)
- season 6 You May Now Kill the Bride

Kelly Chapman: "Is there anything else you need from me?"
Calleigh: "No. If we do, we'll be in touch."
Kelly Chapman: "Touching's extra"
-season 6 You May Now Kill the Bride

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