03: Eric Delko

03: Eric Delko - CSI Miami

Played by: Adam Rodriguez

03: Adam Rodriguez

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03: Eric Delko - CSI Miami


Eric Delko's adopted father, Pavel Delektorsky, was a Russian engineer sent to Cuba in the early 1970s. There he met and married a young Cuban woman, Carmen, with whom he had three daughters when he discovered his next child was a boy. Wanting more for his future son, Delektorsky took a chance and smuggled his family across the Straits of Florida. Eric is Roman Catholic.

Once they arrived, Delektorsky embraced everything that was America - changing the family name to Delko and giving his son an American name, Eric. Over time, he built a small engineering company into a large firm, with the expectation that Eric would take his place next to him.

While Pavel built the American dream, Carmen devoted herself to working with charities in Miami's Cuban community. She involved her children so they would always know where they came from. Here, Eric learned there was another side to the American dream - and that the only way to survive was to help one another.

Throughout his schooling, Eric's father pushed him toward science, which he enjoyed and excelled at, but in high school he discovered his true love - swimming. Devoting himself to the sport, he let everything else fade. He graduated with a swimming scholarship to the University of Miami.

He took a science degree to appease his father, who still held onto the dream that his only son would follow in his footsteps, but Eric dreamed of a gold medals. But by his senior year, Delko realized there weren't going to be any medals in his future. Disappointed, he gave up his dream of Olympic glory. He also realized that a life of building codes was not for him, so he told his father he would not be joining him at the firm. To this day, his father has not quite forgiven him.

With the seed planted by the community work he did with his mother, he realized that helping others was the way to make a difference. So he entered the MDPD police academy and offered his skills as a swimmer to the MDPD underwater recovery department. He became one of the elite officers on the team but infuriated his father who believed this life was beneath his son.

But his father wasn't the only one who thought there was something better for Eric. Having met Horatio Caine during a bomb scare, Eric's natural instincts and scientific curiosity impressed Horatio. When Horatio took over the crime lab, Eric was his first recruit. Eric was wrong, a medal was in his future - the badge of the Miami-Dade Crime Scene Investigation team.

Personal Information:

Job: Day Shift CSI
MDPD Police Officer
City: Miami-Dade
Rank: CSI Level 3; Detective
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: Latino/Hispanic
DOB: December 18, 1980
POB: Miami, FL
Education: B.S. in Chemistry, University of Miami
Address: 6351 Kimball Avenue, Miami, FL 33152
Special Skills: Fingerprints, Drug Identification, Vehicular Identification, Underwater Recovery. Fluent in Spanish & some Russian.
Marital Status: unmarried, but in a relationship with CSI Calleigh Duquesne
Prior Convictions: Arrested for drug possession when he helped his sister Marisol buy marijuana for pain relief from her chemotherapy treatment for leukemia. Charges were dropped when the marijuana was found to be hinky, and he returned to work. In a more recent season, he was arrested and incarcerated for being and illegal immigrant, until proven otherwise.

Personal style:

Eric's personal style is business casual. His usual wardrobe consists of dress pants and some sort of button-down or polo shirt, but is occasionally seen in full business suits.

Personal demons:

Since becoming a CSI, Eric has lost his best friend Tim Speedle and beloved sister Marisol. He has also had a major brain injury after being shot, and still has a bullet fragment lodged in his brain that causes problems for him. In season (#7), he is shot by Calleigh (now his girlfriend) as he flees a crime scene with his father, Alexander Sharova, and the ensuing IAB investigation causes tension between the two of them (season 8 "Bolt Action").


Alexander Sharova- Eric's biological father.
Pavel Delektorsky- Eric's adopted father.
Carmen Delektorsky- Eric's mother.
Marisol Delko-Caine- Eric's sister (Now deceased).
Two other unnamed sisters?


-Eric's last name, Delko, is short for Delektorsky.
-Eric's father is Russian and his mother is Cuban.
-He was a swimmer in high school, and dreamt of going to the Olympics.
-Before going to the Police Academy and joining the newly-formed CSI team as Horatio's first recruit, Delko was a tow-truck driver/salvager for Flagler Towing, earning the nickname "Tinman."
-Delko salvaged the rather expensive pair of shades that have made Horatio's character famous, having given them to "Big H" as a gift, telling him that he needed to invest in a pair of sunglasses.


Delko: "I'm Catholic. I don't know, I always feel guilty."

Delko: "The emergency room is not the Medical Examiner!"

Delko: "That's a bunch of psycho-babble... crap."

Delko: "You're under arrest for murder. Give me back my badge."

Speed: "Hey Megan did you miss me?"
Eric: "She forgot your name."

Delko: "She had bad oral hygiene."
Alexx: "Or maybe just bad oral."
Delko: "Okay, not commenting on that one"

Eric: "Why are you here?"
Speed: "Well I figured you could use my help. I mean... you always did."
Eric: (chuckles) "All right then. Help!"

Speed: "What was the first thing you learned on the job?"
Eric: "How to pad your time card?"

Wolfe: "It's in the eyes. I get it all the time, A-Rod."
Delko: "Oh, you get it in the eyes all the time?"

Delko: "You got a big mouth."
Cooper: "What'd I do?!"
Delko: "You opened it!"

Defining Cases (or Episodes):

Season 1: "Golden Parachute". The first CSI Miami episode. "Tinder Box", Eric's date dies due to a fire at a club.

Season 2: "Extreme" Getting beat up because he helped someone. "Slow Burn". Eric and Alexx almost being burnt in the Everglades.

Season 3: "Lost Son" his best friend Tim Speedle was killed. "Killer Date", the first we saw of Eric's grief for Speed.

Season 4: "Nailed". Eric helping Ryan after he was shot with a nail gun. "Rampage" his sister Marisol Delko was killed.

Season 5: "Rio", Searching for Marisols killer. "Man Down" he was fighting to stay alive after being shot in the head.

Season 6: "Bang, Bang You Debt," Eric hallucinates Speed who helps him find a piece of evidence.

Season 7: "The DeLuca Motel," Eric learns that his real father is actually the Russian mob boss, Alexander Sherova


Golden Parachute Golden Parachute
Bunk Spring Break
Tinder Box Body Count
Dead Zone Dead Zone
Death Grip Grand Prix
Bait Slow Burn
Extreme Not Landing
Lost Son Game Over
10-7 Killer Date
Whacked Sex & Taxes
Blood In The Water Urban Hellraisers
Skeletons Rampage
Rampage From the grave
Nailed Payback
One of our own 48 Hours to life

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