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Birthday: September 4, 1957
New York City
Where she grew up: Queens
Where she lives now: LA
Nickname: Kadi
Fan club sites: Khandi Alexander Fansite ~ MySpace

CSI Miami says Goodbye to Khandi Alexander "Alexx Woods" Final Goodbye

We will miss you dear friend

CSI Miami - Alexx Woods

Early Life

Born in New York City and educated at Queensborough Community College, she appeared on Broadway; starring in Chigaco, Bob Fosse's Dancing and Dreamgirls. Also she was a choreographer for Whitney Houston's world tour from 1989 till 1992.


Since then she has concentrated on film and television, playing the character Catherine Duke on NewsRadio and the character Jackie Robbins on ER. Khandi Alexander is well known for her starring role as a mother addicted to drugs named Fran in The Corner. Khandi's film credits include, Dark Blue, Sugar Hill, Menace To Society, Ther's Something About Mary and Perfect Strangers. Khandi also starred in the movie CB4 with Chris Rock and Charlie Murphy. She has done special guest appearences on Law & Order:Special Victims Unit, NYBD Blue, and La Femme Nikita.

She currently portrays the charcater Alexx Wood, who is a medical examiner in CSI:Miami.

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She's has not settled down yet

Memorable quotes (on/off the set):

"He might explode in my nice clean van.....you wanna clean that up??"

"Thats your job to find out!!"

"Hey! CSI Wolfe! Hands off!! Body parts are mine! Stick to the physical evidence!"

"Now honey I cant do all your work for you"

When she's not acting:

Hangs with non acting friends who keep her grounded.

Charity work: Trevor Project, AID WALK LA

Remodeling her house.

Fascinating Facts:

Worked with Whitney Houston choreographing the singer's international tours. Dancer/Choreographer.

Father construction company owner, mother opera/jazz singer.

Appeared in stage production of the Dream Girls.

Had the role of Velma Kelly in the Road Show Company of Chicago.

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Awards and Nominations:

Black Reel Awards:
2001 Won Black Reel Network/Cable - Best Actress for: "The Corner" (2000) (mini)

DVD Exclusive Awards:
2003 Nominated DVDX Award Best Actress in a DVD Premiere Movie for: Emmett's Mark (2002)

Image Awards :
2007 Nominated Image Award Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for: "CSI: Miami" (2002)

2006 Nominated Image Award Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for: "CSI: Miami" (2002)

2005 Won Image Award Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for: "CSI: Miami" (2002)

2002 Nominated Image Award Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for: "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

2001 Nominated Image Award Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special for: "The Corner" (2000)

1998 Nominated Image Award Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for: "NewsRadio" (1995)

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Another CSI Star Out
Saturday April 19, 2008

It's hard to imagine that starring on one of television's highest rated shows would make an actor want to leave, but it's happening on two CSI series at the end of this season.

As reported earlier this week, CSI star Gary Dourdan is leaving when his contract expires next month. Michael Ausiello at TV Guide now reports that CSI: Miami star Khandi Alexander is also planning to exit the hit show when her contract expires at the end of this season.

Although Ausiello wouldn't divulge the reason the actress is leaving the show, I can't help but wonder if it has to do with one of her notoriously difficult co-stars. Alexander has portrayed medical examiner Alexx Woods since the series began in 2002. Ausiello also stated that the producers are planning to find a male M.E. for the role.

Isn't Isaiah Washington still looking for work? He would be perfect for either Dourdan or Alexander's role!

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Filmography ~ Television and Movies

2002~2008 CSI: Miami .... Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods
2007 First Born ~ Dierdre
2006 Rain ~ Latitia Arnold
2004 Perfect Strangers ~ Christie Kaplan
2004 CSI: NY ~ MIA/NYC - NonStop (Pilot) ~ Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods
2003 Life's a Bitch ~ Yolanda
2002 Dark Blue ~ Janelle Holland
2002 Emmett's Mark ~ Det. Middlestat
2002 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ~ Cross-Jurisdictions ~ Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Alexx Woods
2002 Fool Proof ~Icarus
1995~2001 ER
~ 1995 Happy New Year ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1995 Long Day's Journey ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1995 The Birthday Party ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1995 Love's Labor Lost ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1995 House of Cards ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1995 Love Among the Ruins ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1995 Motherhood ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1995 What Life? ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1996 Doctor Carter, I Presume ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1997 Whose Appy Now? ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1997 Calling Dr. Hathaway ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1997 One More for the Road ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1998 My Brother's Keeper ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1998 Of Past Regret and Future Fear ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1998 Hazed and Confused ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1999 Greene with Envy ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 1999 The Peace of Wild Things ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2000 The Fastest Year ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2000 Mars Attacks ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2000 Benton Backwards ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2000 The Visit ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2000 Rescue Me ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 Four Corners ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 Never Say Never ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 Start All Over Again ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 Supplies and Demands ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 If I Should Fall from Grace ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 Quo Vadis? ~ Jackie Robbins
~ 2001 I'll Be Home for Christmas ~ Jackie Robbins
2001 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ~ Paranoia ~ Sgt. Karen Smythe
2000 Third Watch ~ History ~ Beverly Saunders
2000 The Corner ~ Denise Francine 'Fran' Boyd
2000 Rude Awakening" ~ Star 80 Proof ~ Juanita Wilson
1999 Spawn 3: Ultimate Battle ~ Lakesha/Nurse
1999 Partners ~ Charlie
1999 Spawn ~ Seed of the Hellspawn ~ Lakesha/Nurse
1999 NYPD Blue ~ What's Up, Chuck? ~ Sonya
1999 Cosby ~ The Awful Truth ~ Karen
1999 X-Chromosome ~Yolanda
1995~1998 NewsRadio" ~ Catherine Duke
1998 There's Something About Mary ~ Joanie
1998 La Femme Nikita ~ Soul Sacrifice ~ Terry
1998 Thick as Thieves ~ Janet Hussein
1996 Terminal ~ Dr. Deborah Levy
1996 No Easy Way ~ Diana Campbell
1994 Greedy ~ Laura Densmore, P.I.
1994 Sugar Hill ~ Ella Skuggs
1994 To My Daughter with Love ~ Harriet
1994 House Party 3 ~ Janelle
1993 Shameful Secrets ~ Rosalie
1993 Poetic Justice ~ Simone
1993 What's Love Got to Do with It ~ Darlene
1993 Menace II Society ~ Karen Lawson
1993 Joshua Tree ~Maralena Turner
1993 CB4 ~ Sissy
1989 A Different World ~ Citizen Wayne ~ Theressa Stone
1987 Maid to Order ~ Hooker in Jail
1985 A Chorus Line ~ Dancer
1985 Streetwalkin' ~ Star
1985 FTV ~ Various characters