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Birthday: August 25, 1977
Birthplace: Rockland,Massachusetts
Full name: Jonathan Frederick Togo
Where he grew up:
Rockland, Massachusetts
Where he lives now:
Los Angeles, CA
Nickname: Jon
Fan club sites: Jon Togo Online
Jonathan Togo wiki: http://www.jonathantogoishot.wikifoundry.com

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Togo was born in Rockland, Massachusetts, the son of Shelia, a store owner, and Michael Togo, a graphics designer. Togo's mother is of Italian and Irish descent and his father is Jewish, with the original family surname being Tonkaviev. He was raised in Rockland, Massachusetts. As a child he attended a Hebrew school, and graduated from Rockland High School in 1995. He went on to attend Vaseer College, graduating with a B.A in theatre. While at Vaseer he performed in a band named 'The El Conquistadors' with Sam Endicott and John Conway, both of whom are now members of the band The Bravery.
Togo has performed and participated in numerous plays, including Our Country's Good for which he won an award. He has several TV show credits under his belt including a starring role in Special Unit 2 as well as appearences in CSI:Miami, Judging Amy, Law & Order, Ed and The Jury. Togo's most notable film credit is from Mystic River. He has also appeared in Racoon and Up. On October 22, 2008, Togo launched his first web series, My Best Friend is My Penis, for Atom.com; Togo wrote and directed the series.
  • Mother is Sheila Togo, Father Michael Togo

Memorable quotes (on/off the set):
  • "Or it could be sex. Haven't you ever pushed aside the dinner plates to get some?"
  • "This must have been one kinky party."
  • "I have a keen grasp of the obvious."
  • "You know in patrol we used to call that hinky??"
When he's not acting:

"J-His name makes me Shake like a Bowl of "Jelly."
O-Fills my Heart with a lot of Joy by the "ounce."
N-The Sound of his "Name" makes me smile from cheek to cheek."

"Oh Jon oh Jon, how I love you to death. I see you and there are chills that run up and down my spine. You're amazingly gorgeous with the eyes of an angel. Would love to walk hand in hand with you along a golden beach with the sun beaming down in our hair. We would then settle down in the sand underneath a blanket and cuddle with each other.

Then gently I would caress his cheek and softly kiss his sweet, pink lips. I would start to show a smile and run my fingers through his hair. When then would take each others hands and walk on into the sunset. "

"His eyes are like GOLD, like a treasure that will never grow OLD.
The lips are as sweet as WINE, we would kiss with His lips caressing SWINE.
He has a voice that is like that of music, so heavenly and SWEET; I hear it He sweeps me off my FEET.

His heart is so pure, like a crystal blue LAKE. One look at him and and He makes my heart and soul QUACK.
He's simply one of the best there is."

"Jon you're so sweet.
Jon you're so smart.
You have a very special place in every fan's heart.

You are someone very caring
And oh so funny too.
I bet every fan out there is fortunate to have someone like you."
Christmas card from Jonathan Togo:

05: Jonathan Togo - CSI Miami 05: Jonathan Togo - CSI Miami
ps) this is most DEFINITELY not Stephanie's handwriting. honest to god.

This what Jon Togo put on the Christmas card. What a sweetie pie.

One of Jonathan Togo's autograph signatures:

05: Jonathan Togo - CSI Miami
Fascinating facts:
  • Was in a band in college called Skabba the Hut (with members of the Bravery, Sam Endicott and John Conway)
  • He is left-handed
  • His cousin is a teacher and coach at James E Taylor High School.
  • He has a tattoo of the bumblebee joker from an old deck of cards on his left shoulder.
  • He hates the sweater vests he has to wear sometimes.
  • After work, he once wrote "is a dork" next to Emily Procter's name on the sign-out sheet.
  • He often ballroom dances and sings songs with Emily Procter between takes.
  • Plays the saxophone and the guitar. He sometimes is seen playing between takes with Adam Rodriguez.
  • according to Co-star Eva LaRue, he and Emily Procter are quite the pranksters on the set.
  • He is friends with Emily Procter with her current boyfriend.
  • He is Irish, Ukranian, Jewish and Itailian.
  • Eva Larue's daughter Kaya has a big crush on him.
  • Is on the webshow series, "Casted", with Justin Long. Togo plays a rather rude and eccentric casting director named Derek Riffchyn. Link to episode 1: <www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdbZrGopjgk&feature=related>
  • Wrote, directed, and starred in the webshow series "My Best Friend is My Penis," found on Atom.com
Awards & Nominations:
  • Received an award for the play "Our Country's Good"

Acting Bio (tv, movies, awards, etc):


  • Judging Amy (ep. "Looking for Quarters")
  • Law & Order (Blaze)
  • Special Unit 2 (Season 2: 13 episodes)
  • Ed (The Offer)
  • The Jury ("The Honeymoon Suite")
  • CSI: Miami
  • Music Video: Gay Boyfriend
  • Casted (Dereck... 4 episodes)


  • Mystic River
  • Up
  • Raccoon