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CSI Miami - Rex LinnBirthday: November 13.
Birthplace: Spearman, Texas
Where he grew up: Spearman, Texas
Where he lives now: Sherman Oaks, California
dogs in cat suits named Jack and Choctaw, he also has a pet snake. (Does anyone besides me hate snakes?) Then it isn't my pet, it is his.
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Early Life
Rex Maynard Linn was born in Ochiltree County, Texas, the third child and second son of Darlenne Deere and James Paul Linn. He grew up on a ranch outside Spearman, Texas, a small agricultural, ranching and oil town with his sister Rhonda Lou and brother James Paul ll, attending Spearman Elementary and Spearman Junior High School. Linn's first public performances included playing drums in his band Beach Bums, in the Junior High Auditorium to entertain his classmates. Summers were spent working cattle with cowboys and going to movies in town.
It was in this small Texas community that Linn developed an appetite, at an early age, for movies and acting. The Lyric theatre on Main Street, which is still in operation, provided the people of Spearman with the only movie house in the area. Linn frequented this move house often,and enjoyed its menu of horror movies and Westerns.
In August 1969. his parents relocated the family to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where his father practiced law. There he attended Heritage Hall and later Casady High School, an independent school affiliated with the Episcopal Church, was employed part-time at the Oklahoma City Zoo. It was in November 1975, after seeing Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, that Linn announced that he really wanted to be an actor. Unfortunately, it was also in high school that he was discouraged in the pursuit of his dream to become an actor. After the first night of the school production of Fiddler On The Roof, in which he very nearly demolished a set during a dance routine, Linn was asked to leave the production by Prof. Gill, his drama coach. He was told that it would probably be wise for him to direct his energy into some other field of endeavour, which effectively ended his high school acting career. He graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1980 with a degree in Radio/TV/Film.

After graduation, Linn decided on a banking career. He worked his way up to VP of Energy Lending, for the Lakeshore Bank, remaining there until 5 July, 1982 when the bank was shut down for insolvency. Linn was able to convince a talent agent to take a chance on him and represent him in the Oklahoma market. At the same time, he accepted a job with an oil company, overseeing field operations in western Oklahoma, all the while auditioning for film and TV commercials. After shooting some very bad commercials, he started landing small roles in various projects. It was during this time that he was given the opportunity to act in his first film, Dark Before Dawn, which was being produced by his best friend Edward K. Gaylord ll. More importantly, he became an associate producer on the film. That opportunity provided him with great insight into the creative process of film-making, which would later prove to be a valuable asset to him in the world of acting.
In 1989, he was cast in his first substantial role, as serial killer Floyd Epps in Night Game, starring Roy Schneider. Following this film, and a part as a sheriff in the TV series, The Young Riders, he decided it was time to head west. Surrendering to the acting bug, Linn sold his house, loaded all of his possessions into a U-Haul and on Feb 5, 1990 headed to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. For the first three years, he studied acting with Silvanna Gallardo in Studio City and worked with a close friend and fellow struggling actor, Robert Knott, on various construction jobs.
But gradually, the roles started coming in, small ones in theatrical films such as My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991), Thunderheart (1992) and Sniper (1993), and guest shots on TV series such as Northern Exposure, Raven, and The Adventures Of Briscoe County Jr. In April 1992 he got his first real break. Linn was cast as the bad U.S Treasury agent, Richard Travers, in the very successful movie Cliffhanger. That film proved to be pivotal in providing the exposure Rex needed to get to the next level.
Since Cliffhanger, he has appeared in over 35 films, with that number growing annually. Linn's most recent works include an independent production, Cockfight, originally titles The Round And Round, which was released in 2004, Zodiac in 2005, and Abominable in 2006, with another picture The Garage in production in 2006. He has also had recurring roles in several TV series, most recently as Sgt. Frank Tripp in CSI:Miami, a role for which, according, to reports, he was tricked into reading during the first season and which he has held as a season regular ever since.

Memorable quotes (on/off the set):
"you know what they say 'walks like a duck'."
"We call that felony stupid"
"You should have paid her more! she belted it out like an opera singer"
"Take twiddle dee and twiddle dumb here for a ride"
"The car was stolen dumbass"
When he's not acting:

He loves to cook.
He loves football, even asked for a day off for the rose bowl when University of Texas got into the finals in 2005.
Fascinating facts:
After Rex Linn a bachelors of arts in radio, TV, and film from Oklahoma State University, he eventually became a bank vice-president. He was in the middle of processing a loan for a young man who told him that the loan was to help the young man fulfill his dreams. Linn turned in his resignation shortly thereafter to fulfill his dreams of being an actor. He moved to L.A. and convinced a talent agent that he was worth taking a chance on.

Rex's grandfather was a sheriff.

Wanted to be a actor since he was five years old.

The final scene of Bait was a mistake that turned out to be a good ending. it wasn't supposed to end this way but they ran out of film.
Source: interview on Rex's official web site

Acting bio (tv, movies, awards, etc):

Third Rock from the Sun

1989- Floyd Epps in "Night Game"
Richard Travers- "Cliffhanger"
After the Sunset
Cheaper by the Dozen 1 & 2

Rush Hour
The Zodiac

ALL Filmography

  1. Smokejumpers (2008) (TV) (post-production) .... Chief
  2. Appaloosa (2008) (post-production) .... Sheriff Stringer

  3. "CSI: Miami" .... Detective Frank Tripp/ ... (92episodes, 2003-2008)
    - All In (2008) TV episode .... Detective Frank Tripp
    - Ambush (2008) TV episode .... Sgt. Frank Tripp
    - You May Now Kill the Bride (2008) TV episode .... Sgt. Frank Tripp
    - Raising Caine (2008) TV episode .... Sgt. Frank Tripp
    - Miami Confidential (2007) TV episode .... Sgt. Frank Tripp
    (87 more)
  4. "Saving Grace" .... Wiley (1episode, 2007)
    - And You Wonder Why I Lie (2007) TV episode .... Wiley
  5. Abominable (2006) .... Farmer Hoss
  6. Two Tickets to Paradise (2006) .... Karl
    ... aka Life's a Trip (Europe: English title)
    ... aka Two Tickets to Paradise (USA: new title)
  7. American Gun (2005) .... Earl
  8. The Zodiac (2005) .... Jim Martinez
  9. After the Sunset (2004) .... Agent Kowalski
  10. Cheaper by the Dozen (2003) .... Coach Bricker
  11. Dry Cycle (2003) .... Jeddidah
    ... aka Spin, Shoot & Run (USA: new title)
  12. The Hunted (2003) .... Powell
  13. Monte Walsh (2003) (TV) .... Hat Henderson
  14. The Round and Round (2002) .... Sheriff
    ... aka Cockfight (USA: new title (recut version))
  15. The Salton Sea (2002) .... Detective Bookman
  16. Ghosts of Mars (2001) .... Yared
    ... aka John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars (USA: complete title)
  17. Crossfire Trail (2001) (TV) .... Luke Taggart
    ... aka Louis L'Amour's 'Crossfire Trail' (USA)
  18. "JAG" .... Maj. Mark 'Falcon' Sokol/ ... (6episodes, 1995-2000)
    - Legacy: Part 2 (2000) TV episode .... Maj. Mark 'Falcon' Sokol
    - Legacy: Part 1 (2000) TV episode .... Maj. Mark 'Falcon' Sokol
    - Gypsy Eyes (1998) TV episode .... Maj. Mark 'Falcon' Sokol
    - To Russia with Love (1998) TV episode .... Maj. Mark 'Falcon' Sokol
    - Ghost Ship (1997) TV episode .... Lt. Mark 'Falcon' Sokol
    (1 more)
  19. "Profiler" .... Ellis Talbot (1episode, 2000)
    - Clean Sweep (2000) TV episode .... Ellis Talbot
  20. "The Pretender" .... Agent Ellis Talbot (1episode, 2000)
    - Spin Doctor (2000) TV episode .... Agent Ellis Talbot

  21. "Snoops" (1episode, 1999)
    - A Criminal Mind (1999) TV episode
  22. Y2K (1999) (TV) .... Nuclear Plant Foreman
    ... aka Countdown to Chaos (USA)
    ... aka Y2K: The Movie (USA: promotional title)
  23. "Walker, Texas Ranger" .... Lester Stahl/ ... (1episode, 1999)
    ... aka Walker (Australia)
    - Way of the Warrior (1999) TV episode .... Lester Stahl/Sheriff Leland Stahl
  24. Instinct (1999) .... Guard Alan
  25. A Murder on Shadow Mountain (1999) (TV) .... Det. Bonney
  26. The Jack Bull (1999) (TV) .... Shelby Dykes
  27. Blast from the Past (1999) .... Dave
  28. "Vengeance Unlimited" .... J.J. (1episode, 1998)
    ... aka Mr. Chapel
    - Eden (1998) TV episode .... J.J.
  29. Black Cat Run (1998) (TV) .... Sheriff Ben Bronte
  30. Rush Hour (1998) .... FBI Agent Dan Whitney
  31. The Odd Couple II (1998) .... JayJay
    ... aka Neil Simon's The Odd Couple II
  32. Alone (1997) (TV) .... Travis Floyd
    ... aka Horton Foote's Alone (USA: complete title)
  33. The Postman (1997) .... Mercer
  34. "3rd Rock from the Sun" .... Chuck/ ... (2episodes, 1996-1997)
    ... aka 3rd Rock (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    ... aka Life As We Know It
    - Tom, Dick and Mary (1997) TV episode .... Webber
    - Frozen Dick (1996) TV episode .... Chuck
  35. "Nash Bridges" (1episode, 1997)
    ... aka Bridges
    - Sniper (1997) TV episode
  36. Breakdown (1997/I) .... Sheriff Boyd
  37. Last Stand at Saber River (1997) (TV) .... Bill Dancy
  38. Ghosts of Mississippi (1996) .... Martin Scott
    ... aka Ghosts from the Past (UK)
  39. Public Enemies (1996) (V) .... Al Spencer
    ... aka Public Enemy #1
    ... aka Public Enemy No. 1 (USA: TV title)
  40. The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996) .... Man in Bed
  41. Tin Cup (1996) .... Dewey
  42. Cutthroat Island (1995) .... Mr. Blair
    ... aka Île aux pirates, L' (France)
    ... aka Corsari (Italy)
    ... aka Piratenbraut, Die (Germany)
  43. Perfect Alibi (1995) .... Bartender
    ... aka Where's Mommy Now
  44. Drop Zone (1994) .... Bobby
  45. Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (1994) (TV) .... Dave
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  54. Sniper (1993) (uncredited) .... Colonel
  55. Thunderheart (1992) .... FBI Agent
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  61. Across Five Aprils (1990) .... Jake
    ... aka Civil War Diary (USA: video title)

  62. Night Game (1989) .... Epps
  63. "Oklahoma Passage" (1989) (mini) TV mini-series .... Quantrill
  64. Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (1989) (TV) (as Rex M. Linn) .... Logan
  65. The Bounty Hunter (1989) (as Rex Lynn) .... Policeman #1
  66. Dark Before Dawn (1988) .... Don Hayse
  67. Bonanza: The Next Generation (1988) (TV) .... Cease
    ... aka Bonanza: The Movie
  68. Shadows on the Wall (1986) (as Rex Lynn)
  1. My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991) (assistant location manager)

  2. Shadows on the Wall (1986) (assistant to producer)
  1. Dark Before Dawn (1988) (associate producer)

  1. "Entertainment Tonight" .... Himself (1episode, 2007)
    ... aka E.T. (USA: informal title)
    ... aka ET Weekend (Australia: weekend title)
    ... aka Entertainment This Week (weekend title)
    ... aka This Week in Entertainment (USA: weekend title)
    - Episode dated 22 January 2007 (2007) TV episode .... Himself

  2. A Piece of the Action: Behind the Scenes of 'Rush Hour' (1999) (V) (uncredited) .... Himself