A Question of Integrity

It's been way too long since my last visit and it's apparent from the comments I received on "For Those Who Serve". All I sought was support for our troops, firefighters, nurses, police officers, and other public servants. What I got was a thread filled with vitriol directed at the politicians that started our most recent conflicts overseas, most of those for dubious reasons at best.

It's impossible for liars, cheats and schemers to run a government of integrity, honor and respect for its citizens and laws. We got the Patriot Act and the bills that succeeded it as a direct result of our laxity as citizens and eligible voters. The ONLY way to ensure that our government returns to its original roots of liberty, justice, and compassion is to research the candidates in the coming elections and vote for those who not only speak of these issues, but who actually LIVE them daily as we do. It's way too easy to speak from both sides of your mouth and make promises you've no plans to keep.

I'm not voting for any of the presidential hopefuls I've seen on public display because they're part of the old regime. Say anything to get elected and then fail to keep the promises you made during your campaign. I'm researching the candidates from the satellite parties (there are many) whose views and lifestyles most closely match my own, and I suggest strongly that you do likewise. For the many who are still too young to vote, watch closely the people you'd have voted for if you could vote and see if they're people of integrity, honor and respect once they're in office.

If they are, that's wonderful. If they're not, there's always the next election cycle to fix things. Socrates told us,
"The best guarantee of freedom is an educated and vocal electorate."

What shouldn't need to be said but obviously needs saying is this addendum, "Those citizens must of course VOTE!"

Unlike the lies our current politicians wish us to believe, the truth of the matter is we're a multiparty system. We'll only be that if we vote for the parties that aren't in the mainstream with the rest of the buffoons (the Democrats and Republicans who only THINK they're all the options we have). There are the Libertarians, the Democratic Socialists, the Green Party, etc. A quick Google search of each party should bring up their candidates.

Searching their names will, or should, bring up their histories in business, public life, and at home. Take careful note of how many times they go to court for one reason or another and do likewise for the more visible candidates, since most of those appearances will likely be for things like speeding tickets (reckless personality), divorce (inconstant character), or other civil reasons.

Others will have been in court to answer criminal complaints. If they've gone in for those, I won't vote for them at all, period because they've no respect for the law as it now stands. If available, search out their testimony in other trials and see if they committed any kind of perjury (once a liar, always a liar).

Seek out candidates who are running on a shoestring since they're using their own funds instead of relying on contributions from special interests. Speaking of money, look into their financial dealings. I won't vote for convicted embezzlers either (once a thief, always a thief).

If available, see what their neighbors say about them, since they're the truest measure of someone's respect for others. Don't pry into their private concerns unless it's as a last resort. I'll treat any lack of published information about a candidate as a sign she's leading a boring (in other words honest) life. The more boring she is, the better because her energy and heart are focused on the right things.

Above all, you must vote according to your conscience. If a candidate doesn't seem right to you, vote for another one that feels better. Nobody's perfect and I allow for that in my voting strategy. Anyone seeking my trust and vote must be a person of integrity, honor, and respect ... no matter how wealthy or poor he might be.

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