A Simple Prayer

Father, please help us through this sad and sorry mess
In which I've played far too large a part this time
I'm here and now sadly to confess:
It seems my outsized ego has again played her hand
And caused a serious rift between two of my dearest friends,
I'm apologizing now to Tanya, Vicki, and Sunny
For it appears that once again my meddling wasn't funny;
I heaped too much blame upon Tanya's slender shoulders
So now her heart is carrying far too many boulders;
Now our younger sisters are being dragged into the fray,
Thanks to my large mouth it just hasn't been their day.
Tanya, I sincerely beg you, upon my bended knees
To forgive my harsh words, with a keening "pretty please"
I know the things I've said were ill advised at best
Here's hoping for posterity that our friendship stands this test;
Vicki, you've been an angel; quietly standing by
To hear our keening wails as on you we rely
If I've said anything at all that's hurt you to the quick,
I hope that this apology finds your spirits mended just as quick;
Sunny, if you happen by and at this take offense
I can't help but be who I am, but I'm not sitting a fence;
You're all three friends of mine, even though you can't agree
So please don't force a choice and cause my soul to bleed;
For there is no choice to make for me,
You're all my family
And I hope that you all accept these
Heart-felt words from the heart of me.
Love, Petra
{@ 2008 P.K. Barajas a.k.a. Flora Belle Jardiniere)
Prayers are truly AWESOME! I know they work, especially when we have faith that God will hear and answer us. I have a story for you that will blow your mind.
Pat and I moved to California from New Mexico the week before his birthday 1995 and arrived the day before his birthday. We arrived to his brother being drunk and disorderly, and totally not wanting us here; even though he'd been badgering us to move to CA for over six months. He'd also promised to line up a great job for Pat that never materialized, leaving us broke, with no place to go when he kicked us out of his house 1 1/2 months later in mid-January 1996 (see why I detest the holidays yet? nothing good EVER happens then, at least not to me).
The first major answered prayer was finding a new home before we were left without a roof in mid-winter; then Pat found a half decent job in town, still at the house but the job is history; then Pat got involved with a shady character whilst trying to turn a buck (desperation is DEFINITELY NOT a great inducer of lucid thoughts), this man called him in after Pat reported his theft of several major tools and things we needed to earn a living; this led to a court case 4 1/2 years with an electronic ankle bracelet, and endless other headaches:
-----------------------NOW FOR THE ANSWERED PRAYERS-----------------

(1) We needed a car, any car, and at little or no cost to us, I asked my church prayer circle and all of my family and friends to pray for one; and within 2 days we got that car (a Peugeot diesel that was a junker from the word go);

(2) He needed a real job to stay out of jail and had one within 18 hours of that prayer starting around our circle (wonderful because it kept him free, but lousy boss and location);

(3) We needed our landlord to bear with us while we caught up with five months' back rent, he relented only after making me cry (not an answered prayer, but definitely made him feel shitty);

The Lord has answered so many prayers since then, and often so quickly, that there's no way it could've happened otherwise. It couldn't have happened so quickly without all the great people who prayed for us, either; so I'll never forget their help, either.

Now He's busy answering yours, Layla's, Jen-Jen's, Sherri's, Sunny's, and BJ's prayers on my behalf. And then there's Vicki, Mandy, Caro, so many I can't name them all. I can't count or number the wondrous things He does for us! And all because He wants to answer our prayers! Now that's what I call a loving Father!

Amen, amen, and AMEN!

Cortright Lake Collage 2008


Please look out for Stevie, as he waits
For a new kidney to replace the one that's failed.
Help him understand that he's got to
Keep his life in line
So it doesn't happen again.

And help Vicki's friend as she's
Fighting for her air
I know how rough pneumonia is
And it simply isn't fair.

Reach out Your healing hand
And fix their broken bods,
So their dear friend VickiMoon
Can rest her weary heart.

In Jesus' Name, Amen

{@ 2008 P.K. Barajas (a.k.a. Flora Belle Jardiniere)}

(09/26/08--at least in CA it is, LOL:)


God keep you safely in your storms,
Sheltering you from life's worst harms
As you shelter in His arms:

Father, please watch over those
Who're in the paths of a storm's worst woes;
For I know well how their horrors go
When they're facing the unknown.

Lead their feet as they stumble on
Keep their faces far from wan
And remember those who've already gone
Into the eye of the worst storms.

Show them where they're needed most,
Whether sandy shore or rocky coast
And keep them from those who artfully boast
As they're seeking aid.

Help them love while crises rage
Over, around, and through their cage
So they're still whole at the end of that stage
And they've not harmed their fellow refugees.

Let their haste not make waste
As they rush to evacuate
Their storm-threatened homes.

And bring them safely back again,
Though they aren't exactly sure when
They'll see their calming shores.
In Jesus' precious name, Amen

(@ 2008 P.K. Barajas (a.k.a. Flora Belle Jardiniere))


As she heals from her operation
Even though, thanks to us, she could probably use the vacation!

We miss her witty writing and her fond replies,
That while firmly tongue in cheek, are often very wise.

Keep our sisters safe as they wander through their days,
And keep them from wandering into dangerous ways.

Protect our favorite actors, as they produce our shows
Keeping their loved ones safe from over zealous does.

This isn't the best rhyming I've done in recent times
For it's been quite a spell since I've read Shakespeare's lines.



Thank you, Lord Jesus, for answering the prayer below.
You're always glad to help me when my problems seem to grow.

Now I'm up and running, where I know not yet;
But into Your calming, sheltering arms is a pretty safe bet!

Thank You for my friends here, their company's sublime;
They like to hear from me, tho I haven't usually a dime.

Guard and guide each one of us, as we sail through our day;
And ever faithfully remind us, that You are on Your way!

Careful, It's Steep!

I have a little problem...

Perhaps someone can help. My puter up and died on me, leaving me in Hell.
I can't get on my Wiki, or chat with my sisters here;
Unless I'm at my library, which is more far than near.

If someone knows how I can fix my dying antique beast,
Please let me know by snail mail, as my internet's deceased!

Must handle this with humor, for it's actually quite funny
And look for a new model that costs a bit less money.
Again your hints and answers would help me a whole lot,
But please mind those dollar signs, as I haven't got a pot.

You are my stringth when i am week
You are my stringth when i am week
you are the tresure that i seek
you are my all in all...

Dear God,
Thank you for the beautiful sisters on this board.
Bless each and every one of them.
Forgive me when I fall short and help me to be strong.
I know with you on my side i can do anything.
In Jesus' name i pray

Amanda Michelle


We all face difficulties, as we travel on life's road
For not all apparent princes are, and quite a few are toads;
Please forgive my indiscretions, I don't mean you any harm
I'm often more honest, and will sometimes cause alarm;

If I've trodden your tender feelings under my heavy foot,
Please forgive these hobnailed comments as
The ravings of a fool.


Father, Keep Our Tanya Safe

Father, Keep our Tanya safe in her travels to and fro
For we'd all miss her terribly, if she were to go;
She's our marvie moderator Groovin' with the flow
Our ever-present Genie of the Wiki her bottle overflows.
So keep her safe as she takes her Ben to his school
And as she faces surgery, in mid-July (not so cool);
Encourage her who strengthens us
As she keeps an eye in here;
And help her heal quite quickly
Because she is so dear.
In Jesus' I seek these things
Knowing You will hear my voice
And praying fully congnizant of my believer's choice.

T, Please hurry back to us. You're sorely missed! Love, Petra (I can't help it, Admin, that's how I really feel about her.)

I was in a mood of contemplation
When I heard a mournful sound
It seems there was no one praying
For our ailing all around;

So I came onto our Wiki
With in mind a quickie
To help with the sisters'
Who have illness found;
Tis a simple prayer for the ailing
That before our God I'm wailing
To humbly seek His merciful respite.
Please, O Father, hear this plea
Uttered from my heart in me
That our weary sisters may rejoice;
For I cannot sleep until
I know Your sovereign will
Hast given them the healing that they need.
Whether ailing in their Spirits
Or victims of evil half-wits
Please help them conquer every foe.

We all have had our share
Of earthly illnesses to spare
So please hear my needful prayer
This fine Day.

May we all accept Your nod
As given direct from God
When it into our hearts does fall;
All these things I ask of Thee
As from Your heart to we
In Jesus' precious name,
If you sisters have anything to add, you're additions will be greatly welcomed. Petra