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A show that no one out there has done until now, CSI MIAMI DIVAS AND GENTS TALK SHOW. Nice to be here my name as you see is Tonya I am the Host of the show along with my co host Krys Hampton . Please join us as we kick off our first show and celebrate the first talk show ever for CSI MIAMI. YOU WON'T BE DISSAPPOINTED. (These ideas and content for this show is protected by copyright 2010© ) Premiering on Radio Talk Blog, a new show that will show case one the most amazing show’s on Prime Time Television. CSI Miami. Stop by on July 16th and 11:00 pm eastern and Meet me (Tonya Campbell) Host and Co Host Krys Hampton. It’s a talk show made for the fans of this amazing show. We will be discussing many takes on the shows 8 seasons and now soon to be 9th season airing in October 3 of 2010. This fan base is one of the amazing and supportive fan bases in the world. Everything CSI Miami and fan’s, we will introduce other fan’s as they spend time with us on the show and you the fan can call in and give us your feedback on why this show is number one in the world. As we move further into the highlights we hope to have cast, writers and other individuals who will spend an hour with us and share with us some of the show’s fascinating ins and outs of CSI Miami. We hope to create a fun interactive show and you are the reason so join us we love to have you. The first of its kind a fan base talk show with the flair of taking it to the next fan base level. We are the fans of the show so let’s do the talk about it! (The ideas and content are protected under copyright 2010) .

So far on the show we have had Bill Florio David Caruso's business partner and Omar Miller. We are trying to reach out to more fans out there. Our show is every Wednesday at 9pm Eastern time. The link to our show page is attached to the pic above, jus click on the picture and you are ready to listen or check us out. If you have any info or suggestions please just email me anytime, your input is important to us.

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