Calleigh and Tim - Talleigh

Talleigh Page - CSI Miami

The cutest conversation between Tim and Calleigh
This convesation takes place in season2 episode15 "Stalkerazzi". In the scene, Tim and Calleigh are at the crime scene,processing the car.Calleigh finds the bottle filled with urine.

Calleigh: Okay, I'm gonna give you two guesses what this is,and it's not Mountain Dew.

Tim:I could smell it from here.

Calleigh:I'm gonna let you take it back to the lab.

Tim: That's very nice of you.

Talleigh Page - CSI Miami

Talleigh Page - CSI Miami

This is the last scene of
season 2.They walk along the beach together, heading to the new crime scene.Talleigh Page - CSI Miami

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