Calleigh's Relationships

Daddy Issues...

Calleigh's DaddyCalleigh's father is a charming alcoholic public defender, and she is continually coming to her father's aid and defense, often being called by bar owners to come drive him safely home when he's had too much to drink. Her own romantic needs seem quite secondary to seeking justice in her role as "bullet girl." Still, fetching and blindingly intelligent, Calleigh draws attention to herself wherever she is, and a seeming multitude of former boyfriends are woven into the plot of various episodes.

Det. John HagenCalleigh's ill-fated alliance with John Hagen, a fallen Miami Dade detective who is implicated as a crooked cop by his involvement with Horatio's brother Raymond, perforates Calleigh's poise, when Hagen puts a gun to her head at a scene where he is attempting to hide evidence of a crime. A guilt-ridden Hagen later commits suicide at the lab.

As lovely and sunny as Calleigh steadfastly remains, despite being continually subjected to the darker face of humanity in the line of duty, she seems somehow untouchable and unapproachable by mere mortal men. With a burdensome father -- at one and the same time her ideal Southern gentleman and the embodiment of life's utter disappointment -- and her history of broken and tragic relationships, it's no wonder she's married to the job.

Calleigh's Past Boyfriends

Calleigh has had interest or has been with several guys over the past few years along with before in life that we've found out about and every single one has broken her heart. All of them have some tie to law enforcement, and seem like decent guys, until they start to date her.

The Marine
Calleigh's Relationships - CSI Miami
Calleigh also had a boyfriend who was a sniper expert and a Marine. Little is known about their relationship, just that they're on friendly terms and it seems like she's learned a lot about sniping and Marines from him. Calleigh and Horatio learn more about sniping and practice at Calleigh's ex-boyfriend's shooting range (01x09 "Kill Zone").

Detective John Hagen
john hagen and calleigh duquesne
John Hagen worked with Raymond Caine, and seemed to be forever labeled as "Raymond Caine's partner" or "partner to a dirty cop", which seemed to give him a complex (01x24 "Body Count"). He seemed to be concerned with Calleigh on several occasions, but seemed to run to Horatio or threaten to (maybe because he knew that if Calleigh wouldn't listen to him, that she'd listen to Horatio? (01x24 "Body Count")). It seemed that even though they were both detectives (though Calleigh likes to consider herself a CSI over using the rank of detective), that Hagen was trying to protect her when she didn't need to be protected. One occasion Calleigh was on the list of people who spoke against a criminal who had escaped and he'd already killed the defense attorney (01x24 "Body Count"). This action seemed to also annoy Calleigh since she already felt that she had worked so hard to get where she was that she didn't want to look weak in front of Horatio or her teammates. Calleigh ended the romantic relationship with him, but wanted to still be friends. Hagen had really wanted the relationship to be successful, and wasn't shy about being open about their relationship while on the job...although Calleigh was. She wanted to keep their personal and professional lives separate (02x02 "Dead Zone"). Hagen is the only one of Calleigh's boyfriends (that we know of anyway) that knows about her father and his drinking problem, and he even picked him up from a bar once and traded him off to Calleigh once he was at CSI (02x05 "The Best Defense"). Calleigh and Hagen broke up during a fight when Calleigh's father made him look bad when his suspect said that he had forced the confession out of them. Hagen didn't want his jacket to look bad just because of her alcoholic father (02x05 "The Best Defense"). In the end, he couldn't take it anymore. While on scene, Calleigh had a gun pointed at her head. She later found out that it was Hagen who thought that she had seen him taking a piece of evidence. He later shot himself in ballistics in the head, which was the main contributing factor to Calleigh leaving firearms for a while (03x24 "10-7"). Hagen had told Peter Elliott that he and Calleigh were getting back together and he already had the ring (04x09 "Urban Hellraisers").

Hagen: I'm just saying, it's a hell of a lonely road he's walking.
Calleigh: Well, that's why I'm walking it with him.
from 01x17 "Simple Man"

Hagen: Where have you been?
Calleigh: I took a drive ... got some fresh air ... I apprehended an escaped felon.
from 01x24 "Body Count"

Hagen: Hi. Got a bad guy in there?
Calleigh: Maybe. Do you ever knock?
(Hagen sits on the counter.)
Hagen: You don't like guys who knock.
Calleigh: I've got three unidentified heel prints with a distinct chevron
pattern. I'm just waiting to see what the database comes up with... Would you
stop staring at me?
(Busted. Hagen smiles and stops staring at her.)
from 02x03 "Hard Time"

Hagen: I found this in my car. (holds up a ring) I think it came off when we...
Calleigh: Yeah.
from 02x05 "The Best Defense"

Special Agent Peter Elliott
Peter Elliott and Calleigh Duquesne
Peter Elliott is first introduced when he's involved in a case involving counterfeit money. He and Calleigh work closely together during the case, and Calleigh lets him know that she won't be pushed around or aside for that matter (02x17 "Money for Nothing"). He's involved with CSI once again when there's a complex counterfeit operation going on there (03x14 "One Night Stand"). Peter again returns to Miami when a plane goes down with more than a billion dollars, and works with Calleigh once again. During this time they become more friendly, and they have once again worked closely as before. John Hagen even spots them out in the parking lot together and is jealous of what he sees (03x17 "Money Plane"). On a different case, Calleigh and Peter are talking in CSI when men in masks come in to steal evidence and open fire, and Peter is shot in the process. While at the hospital, Calleigh runs into his fiancee, who thanks her for taking care of Peter. Peter apologizes to Calleigh for not telling her sooner, and explains that he had wanted to that night (04x09 "Urban Hellraisers"). When Peter next appears for a case, he reminds Calleigh that they had asked for the help (04x20 "Free Fall"). When money is reported missing from evidence at CSI, the whole building is under investigation. Calleigh confronts him about being the last one with the money out, and he tells her he doesn't have anything to do with it. But Peter knows who does, his fiancee, who stole the money, so that CSI would be investigated. He returns the money to Calleigh, who convinces him to record his fiancee in order to clear the lab. He agrees and his fiancee is sent to jail (04x25 "One of Our Own").

Calleigh: Well when we get close to tool marks and ink processing I'll call you.
Peter: If you don't, you'll be hearing from my boss down at the Homeland Security Office.
Calleigh: Well, I've got goosebumps.
from 02x17 "Money for Nothing"

Jake Berkeley
jake berkeley and calleigh duquesne
Jake and Calleigh went to the academy together and were involved romantically then. Jake joked that she could have been number one, if she hadn't been dating him. He first appeared in Miami after Calleigh's Hummer was run off the road into a canal by a member of the gang he was undercover in (05x02 "Going Under"). Calleigh ends up taking Jake down and then cuffing him when he was telling Tripp to keep her in line, doing so in front of the gang. He was working with ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms) as an undercover agent. Jake was undercover with a partner who ended up dead, whose death Calleigh was investigating at the time, and the reason Jake was still okay with the gang was because he was willing to get dirty rather than playing it straight. Getting dirty with the gang included drugs, alcohol, and the lot. Horatio warns Jake what happens when you're a dirty cop, because of his brother being one, and that Jake could still turn straight. Jake resurfaces later when a young woman he used as an informant ends up dead (05x09 "Going, Going, Gone"). He made a lateral change to MDPD (Miami Dade Police Department) from ATF, because he said that they blew his cover. He ends up putting Calleigh in danger, when he comes in when Calleigh has someone cornered and Jake scares the guy, who accidentally pulls the trigger. Calleigh is shot, but luckily was wearing Kevlar. When Natalia Boa Vista's ex-husband is murdered, Jake comes into investigate and tries to find out what actually happened (05x12 "Internal Affairs"). Calleigh talks to Jake on the phone, and tells them that they might have a civilized meal together if crime would stop and give her a break (05x23 "Kill Switch"). The van Jake was in while transporting a criminal was overturn and he was injured, but Horatio found him and called for rescue and referred to him as "brother" (possibly referring to the fact that Jake was a dirty cop, and is trying to redeem himself, so he sees him with Raymond Caine). Calleigh told Eric when she was talking about Jake being in the hospital that she wasn't even sure how she felt about Jake yet (but she trusted Eric with her life). He was hospitalized for only about half a day and ended up catching Calleigh off-guard in the middle of CSI and kissing her (even though Calleigh has never allowed her relationships to come out in the open at work), which obviously surprised her and Eric (05x24 "Born to Kill").

Frank: Alright, listen up. Give up your IDs, all we want to do is talk. Let's make this as painless as possible.
Calleigh: You need to step back right now.
Jake: Oh, I would, but I don't take orders from broads.
Frank: Do as she says, Cowboy.
Calleigh: Line up.
Jake: You best keep this bitch on a shorter leash, Tex.
(Calleigh takes Jake down and handcuffs him)
Calleigh: So, I guess you'll be answering for everybody.
from 05x02 "Going Under"

Jake: I let you take me down, you know that, right?
Calleigh: Oh, that's right, let's were first in our class, the academy star... Only scared of failure.
Jake: I mean you could've been first, if you weren't so distracted by that guy you were seeing. What was his name? Oh yeah, that was me!
from 05x02 "Going Under"

Calleigh: Your relationships always have ulterior motive.
Jake: Look, I do care about what happened to our agent. But I can't step out for you Calleigh.
Calleigh: Some things never change.
from 05x02 "Going Under"

Calleigh: You had nothing on this guy!
Jake: Yes, I did. You're wrong. Kinkella is dealing heroin out of his clubs in Miami. He's gotta be worth millions.
Calleigh: If you're so sure, then why send in the girl?
Jake: Because I couldn't get in! And they were auctioning off beautiful girls.
Calleigh: And you couldn't have found a young police officer?
Jake: Well not unless they let me use you. Look, Calleigh, you know how this works. You get one shot at a guy like this.
Calleigh: Well, it looks like you missed.
from 05x09 "Going, Going, Gone"

Jake: Are you okay? Thank God for Kevlar.
Calleigh: I will deal with you later.
from 05x09 "Going, Going, Gone"

Calleigh: I cannot believe I took a bullet for you.
Jake: What are you talking about? I can't believe I shot a man for you.
Calleigh: I'm the one in pain.
Jake: I've got the emotional scars.
Calleigh: You're not losing any sleep over this.
Jake: Maybe you're right.
Calleigh: What'd you say?
Jake: You're right, Calleigh.
Calleigh: It's nice to hear.
Jake: Gotta admit, we are a good team.
Calleigh: We have our moments.
from 05x09 "Going, Going, Gone"

Possible Future Relationships

Calleigh's Relationships - CSI Miami
Calleigh and Horatio have had a sort of quiet romance growing between them since season one and they are so perfect for each other. We like to call this DuCaine or Lonely Road. Check out the Horatio and Calleigh Romance Page!
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eric and calleigh
HipHuggers comes from an episode in which Calleigh and Eric were fighting because Calleigh was behind on work and trying to defend herself and when Eric explained everyone was in that situation, they apologized and Calleigh reached out for his hips instead of hugging him (1x17 "Simple Man"). Calleigh and Eric have been there for each other from the start and have seemed to always hit it off. Could they could be the next CSIM romance? HipHuggers page this way.

Ryan+CalleighCalleigh's Relationships - CSI Miami
CaRWash stands for Calleigh and Ryan Wolfe Addicted Shippers. This confusing acronym is for a ship involving Calleigh and Ryan Wolfe, who was pulled under her wing for training as a CSI after Horatio hired him. CaRWash page this way.

CaKe stands for Calleigh and Jake. Jake Berkeley and Calleigh have known each other since the police academy and dated back then, but their romance has started to kindle once again. Check the section above on this page about Jake Berkeley as one of Calleigh's previous boyfriends. CaKe page this way

Possible Past Relationship (Don't forget)

Calleigh's Relationships - CSI Miami


Talleigh= Tim+Calleigh. They had a great chemistry when Speed was still alive. It's such a shame that he died(3x1 "Lost Son"). Calleigh did warn him once to clean his gun(1x18 "Dispo Day"). But in the end he died becuase his gun misfired. His name was mentioned time to time by his CSI friends. No one forgets him. If he's still alive, who knows? Maybe they'd make a great couple.Calleigh and Tim's page!