David Caruso in NYPD Blue

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Episode 1:Pilot....Detective John Kelly has his hands full.On the work front,his partner's drinking problem and continual harassment of gangster Alfonso Giardella is about to get them both over their heads with the mob.On the personal front,his wife wants a divorce. Episode 2:4B Or Not 4B.....Lt.Fancy and Det. Kelly are warned to stop pressuring the mob even as Andy Sipowicz lies in the hospital with numerous gunshots wounds.Back at Kelly's ex-wife's apartment building,an angry young man starts carrying a gun for protection.
Episode 3:Brown Appetit.....After discovering the hotel hwere Giardella is being held,Sipowicz gets his revenge with the help of a pet bulldog and the hotel's thankful chef.Meanwhile,Officer Janice Licalsi receives a visit from her guilt-ridden father. Episode 4: True Confessions.....Kelly quits moonlighting as a bodyguard after discovering his millionaire employer is a wife beater.Later Kelly speaks at a tenent meeting explaining the dangers of carrying a gun for protection. Unfortunately, his talk has little impact on the tenent in 4B.
Episode 5:Emission Accomplished.....Martinez discovers the superintendent of his brother's apartment building is a cop who beats and robs tenants who fall behind on their rent.While Kelly helps Martinez gather evidence,a fellow detective begins plaguing the 15th with elaborate pranks. Episode 6: Personal Foul
Episode 7: NYPD Lou Episode 8:Tempest In A C-Cup

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