DuCaine Music Videos

Music Videos for DuCaine have been moved here because of the lack of loading on the DuCaine Relationship page (even with high speed internet), so hopefully this will make things easier for everyone!

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How to Save a Life Hanging on a Moment Wanna Be There Shawty


Everyday You Could Be Happy Kiss the Girl Here's Where I Stand

We Belong Together Far Away



In the Cold, Cold Night 9 Crimes Big Mistake Rainy Day Man
Officer Down Fanfic Trailer Confide in Me Ordinary Day Against All Odds

I'm Kissing You Lips of an Angel Crucify
Somewhere Out There Taking Over Me Object of My Desire Say It Right
Burn for You Nothing Else Matters I Scream Your Name Nobody Does it Better

Never Had a Dream Come True Cry Goodnight Moon


All I Know Wild Horses Insensitive When You're Gone

Don't Get Me Wrong Wait for You Before It's Too Late Long Trip Alone


How Do I Live


This is my now No Air I Need You Tonight


Passionate Kisses Bad Romance (When You Say Nothing At All)

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