Eric and Natalia, Natalia and Ryan

Relationship background:

We know Natalia has survived an abusive marriage (recalled painfully in the episode "Internal Affairs," in which Natalia tries to convince fellow lab rat Maxine Valera to stop dating her bad-news ex-husband Nick, a crime scene cleaner who is subsequently discovered murdered in his apartment -- naturally Natalia is suspected of the crime, as evidence puts her at the scene in jealous stalking ex-wife mode.)

Natalia's relationship with Delko seems like a match with nothing but potential, right? But their mutual (okay, well primarily his) lack of assurance leads to a cooling of passions that backfires on him, and on home turf, when Ryan becomes part of the equation.

Ryan and NataliaThe episode that brings the love triangle under the microscope is "Dead Air," in which Ryan directly confronts Eric about his intentions with Natalia. Feigning nonchalance, Eric gives Ryan the green light to ask her out. Naturally, when he does, Natalia is visibly miffed at Eric's casual and crass encouragement of his colleague's romantic intentions. Eric is, we assume, equally hurt that Natalia has moved on socially. Natalia accepts Ryan's invitation to attend a Mexican wrestling match. At the close of the episode, as their shift ends, Ryan -- who could be so clueless? -- asks Eric to loan him money for his date with Natalia. Eric's face registers a combination of brotherly support, resignation, and wryness that says it all: he gives Ryan enough money for "lobster and dessert" and watches as Natalia and Ryan leave the lab bound for their date. Ouch! Thats gotta hurt!

After what happened in the last episode with Ryan and Natalia, it doesn't look like anything will form. Ryan tell Natalia that she broke protocol, and he is working for the defense. Natalia thinks that Ryan set her up. When Natalia is questioned about Ryan, she doesn't say anything bad about him. She says she can't do that. Then Ryan helps find evidence to help Natalia with the case. They were a little smirk with each other thorough out the whole show, due to how it began. Ryan helped her get a spot at the shooting range, and then as Natalia is working the case she suspects that Ryan set her up. who knows what will happen next between them!!!

What's next for Eric, Ryan, and Natalia??

Eric and Natalia (NED) - Out of Reach

So what ever happened between Eric Delko and Natalia Boa Vista? They had a relationship, that's a fact, but why did they break up?
Well, it was obvious that they really loved each other but Natalia didn't tell Eric that she was the mole, sent by the feds.
Eric was disappointed in Natalia and the relation was over.
It was not the only reason.....
Earlier, Natalia thought she was pregnant from Eric!, that was (pity enough) false alarm!
They decided that a little distance would help.
In ''Dead air'' Ryan asks Natalia out, how could he be so stupid?
The band between Eric and Natalia grew continually bigger and bigger but it's not yet a relationship.
Not yet.....
When will they come together again?

---> ?? <---

They're so cute together don't you think?

Eric And Natalia - CSI Miami
Eric And Natalia - CSI Miami
Eric And Natalia - CSI Miami
Eric And Natalia - CSI Miami

This is my new addit!
In season six Natalia has a little issue with her shoulder.
Just at the moment when she's with Eric in the lab.
You can see at his face he's really concerned!.
Her shoulder is dislocated!
Eric putts it back for her en they finallt hugg!
I was so happy when I saw that!

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