How has CSI: Miami Changed Your Life?

Hey All CSI: Miami Fanatics! How has CSI: Miami changed your life? Me? I find when I'm watching, I catch myself actually using CSI jargon, like, "Oh! What about the *epithilials*?" Or, "Hey! Be careful where you're stepping! You might contaminate the evidence!"

And I certainly look at my the world around me much more carefully. I catch myself noting the smallest details of things that I never would have before.

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csi miami has changed my life, too!, the new tech, in what u might b stepping on to, forienic's prints, dna where u were or wear u've been to hold any key.

CSI Miami has changed my life in a few ways, I've started to take notice of more things around me, wether it's the wildlife or things in the village were I live, especialy if I see strangers hanging around far too often. Also my too older children take more notice of things (they love to waych it,) If Isee something on the news and people dont seem right I notice that more. Michelle.

For me, CSI: Miami brought out my creativity. Since watching the show, I've made fanvideos. (they're awesome. I have a few posted in my profile. The others are on YouTube)...and I have written fanfictions about the show. They're very good as well. I also find myself paying attention to little details. -teebaby20

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