In Loving Memory Of.....

Marisol Delko-Caine:
Played By: Alana De La Garza
Brief Summary: Marisol was Eric's sister who was diagnosed with Cancer. She fought and won and started dating Horatio Caine until they finally got married. Unfortunately eight hours later, Marisol was shot by The Mala Noches, and a few hours later she died from the loss of blood.Haratio was strong and didn`t cry. Eric on the other hand cried he lost his sister people I don`t blame him.
Tim Speedle:
Played By: Rory Cochrane
Brief Summary: Tim Speedle was A Cool, Smart,and Hot Dedicated CSI who died in the line of duty. Poor gun maintenance unfortunately played a huge part in this CSI's Death. He will be missed....By Many
John Hagen:
Played By: Holt McCallany
Brief Summary: John Was A Great Detective, But He Had Many Problems. He Felt Weird Because He Was The Ex-Partner To Raymond Caine Sr. He Had The Biggest Crush On Our Calleigh and I beleive He would have done anything to make them work. Sadly John Messed Up During a Case By Taking Something From An Active Crime Scene, and In The End Committed Suicide In The Gun-Lab Right Behind Calleigh. This Resulted In Calleigh Leaving The Gun-Lab she called it in right away.
Officer Aaron Jessop:

Played by: Joel West
Brief Summary: Jessop appeared in 10 episodes between Season 2 and Season 4. He seemed like a promising recurring character, but he was killed by a grenade explosion in the line of duty during the episode One of Our Own.
Jesse Cardoza:
Played By: Eddie Cibrian
Brief Summary: Cardoza was a great character, but he was poisoned by a spread of halon gas and suffered a fatal head injury by a piece of glass from an LCD screen of a digital camera as he hit the floor.

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