In Tribute to Those That Serve

I thought it was long overdue that we thank and commemorate our public servants. I did this here a couple of years ago, but suspect the page and its threads found the round file because no one visited them. This doesn't say anything good about us as a group, so I hope the trend changes with this page and its cousins.


I'll start off with my favorite vista from my errands yesterday. I called it "Wish You Were Here" because I truly wish my many friends could visit my favorite haunts and come to love them as I do. I'd like to return the favor too, soon I hope. May what you find here bring you a small measure of peace and may what you add do that for me and anyone else that happens though here. Please keep the theme in mind when you add threads or post here, as it's disrespectful to bring issues covered elsewhere into this place.

My heartiest thanks and condolences to those that lost loved ones on that awful day in 2001 one and during those that followed it. I can't begin to imagine your grief but am trying to hug you and offer you hope with what I my friends post here. You are not forgotten, nor is the sacrifice your family member(s) made to help another that day. They were the bravest and the best, because they chose to sacrifice their lives so that others might live and carry the torch of freedom aloft to a new generation.

In Tribute to Those That Serve - CSI Miami
Some might think of this as a drying pond, but I see it as a treasure trove of possiblities for images. Herein is my freedom of expression found and released for your enjoyment. I probably sound a bit formal and stiff, but that is my way. I know no other and wish to learn none because the shorter words disprove my long-sought and hard-won knowledge of our language. This is not a place to mourn, though if you feel the need you may, but it is a place to wander and revel in the beauty that nature provides. It is also a place for us to vow anew to fight terrorism in our small ways, so no one practicing it gains a foothold in our land or elsewhere in the world. Please post images of your loved ones in the military, in the local public service sector (esp those in the medical, security, and public safety fields) with a note short or long about how much their service and love mean to you. If the memories are still too tender, then photos alone are fine too.

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