List of CSI:Miami Related Illness Names

Here are the names that we, some of the fans, have come up with for some CSI:Miami "illnesses".

AR-itis aka ARCOD: Adam Rodgriguez Compulsive Obsession Disease
Axed Withdrawal Syndrome
CDED romanticitis: Addiction to the romantic relationship of Calleigh Duquesne and Eric Delko; possibly misdiagnosed as HipHugger-itis
CID: Chronic InTheWind Disorder
Cochraneria: Missing Speedle
CSIMA: CSI:Miami Addiction
CSIMW: CSI:Miami Withdrawal Syndrome
DC-itis: Obsession with David Caruso
DCOCD: David Caruso Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Delkotosis: Addiction to Eric Delko
Ducaine-epotomia: Addicted to the idea of DuCaine
DuCFFOD: DuCaine Fan Fic Obsessive Disorder- Obsession with DuCaine fan fictions
DuCOCD: DuCaine Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Dudepsychosis: Crazed mental state due to obsession with Calleigh and Eric
Duquesneinitis: Becoming emotionally attached to Calleigh Duquesne
HCDD: Horatio Caine Drool Disorder
HCO: Horatio Caine Obsessionitis
HCOD: Horatio Caine Obsessive Disorder
HC3D: Hope Calleigh Doesn't Die Disorder
HipHugger-itis: Hopeless romantic hooked on CSI:Miami
HOTB: Horatio on the Brain
HTSPTBDDSTTUOOCD-Hope TSPTB dosen't do something to tick us off obssesive compulsive disorder
: Missing Alexx Woods Syndrome
Miamitis: Wishing to be in Miami
Monday without a new CSI:Miami Episode Blues
MADMOCD!-Memmo's a dead man obsessive compulsive disorder!
Obsessive Readingitis: reading fanfics about CSI:Miami
Obsessive Sunglassitis
OCM: Obsessive Compulsive Miami
One-lineremia: Love of H's one-liners
ORD: Obsessive Reading Disorder
Pick on Tom Syndrome
RSIAJOD: Rick Stetler Is A Jerk Obsessive Disorder
SJ Loseritis
: Disgust with anything SJ
SOSJS: Sick of Stupid Jesse Syndrome
Southernbelleria: Addiction to Calleigh Duquesne and her southern belle habits
Speeditis: Missing Speed
SWS: Speedle Withdrawal Syndrome
WaTTBOD: Walter The Teddy Bear Obsessive Disorder- hooked on anything Walter Simmons
WBVW: Wolfe/Boa Vista Withdrawal
Wolfevisatitis: Too much laughter at Ryan's facial expressions

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