Recurring Characters

The Lab Techs:

dan cooper
Dan Cooper is played by Brendan Fehr.
He is an Audio/Visual Lab Tech. Cooper has gotten on Eric Delko's bad side from telling Natalia too much about girls at a volleyball tournament they'd gone to (Season 4). He believes a great deal of information can be discerned by what music a person has on his or her MP3 play list (episode 517, "A Grizzly Murder"). Dan Cooper wanted to transition out of the lab as lab tech to the field as a CSI (06x04 "Bang, Bang, Your Debt"). He goes into Tim Speedle's locker to see why Speedle was so highly talked about and ends up taking his credit card and activating the account that had $200.00 still in it. During this time Delko starts seeing Speedle and starts to believe Speedle is alive. Calleigh and Eric find Dan in a bar/restaurant where he's using Speedle's credit card. Cooper points out that he didn't hurt anyone. Calleigh points out that he's hurt Eric, her, and anyone Speedle's ever helped. He's run up $23,000 in debt on the credit card. Calleigh tells him that it's considered fraud. Dan tries to defend himself by saying that the lab gave Ryan a second chance. Calleigh reminds him that Ryan broke protocol and Dan's broken the law. She also tells him that he needs to turn himself in in 24hours or she'll post a warrant for his arrest in three days. That's gotta hurt!!! He gets back at her by creating a web sight that eventually gets her kidnapped. Not exactly what I would call a good way to get even.
maxine valera
Maxine Valera is played by Boti Ann Bliss.
She is a DNA Analyst. Valera is the oldest techie in the team, joining the lab during the premiere of season 2. Although back then Valera had just been transfered, later during season 3 the writers changed the storyline so that she's been in the lab for 5 years. During season 3 Valera accidentally put a victim's DNA into CODIS, resulting in her suspension. She was bought back to the lab during the season 4 premiere. Valera was also suspected of being the mole, but later it was revealed to be Natalia Boa Vista. During season 5 Valera dated Natalia's ex husband Nick, who, while on a lunch break, tried to rape her. Trying to defend herself, Valera pushed Nick onto the floor and he passed out from a blow to the head. When Nick was later found dead, Valera was one of the primary suspects, but it was later revealed that he didn't die from the concussion, and another man had in fact killed him.
She's a decent sort, not given to gossip or backstabbing. We need to see more of her in upcoming episodes.
Valera is most famous for her revolving door of hairstyles. She has an easy and friendly camaraderie with Delko and Calleigh, is a little afraid of Horatio, and can often be found bickering with Ryan.
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Samantha Barrish is played by Jessica Szohr
Audio/visual tech
Aaron Peters
Aaron Peters is played by Armando Valdes Kennedy.
He is a Trace evidence lab tech. He's on top of his game and has helped with many of the more replayed cases.
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Tyler Jensen is played by Brian Poth.
He is a multimedia Lab tech. He's a wizard with weather data, think the Dirty Bomb episode in Season 3.
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Sam Belmontes is played by Christian De La Fuente.
He is the Chemical Analysis lab tech for seasons one, two and three last episode was Legal(season 3 episode 5).
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Jim Markham is played by Joshua Leonard.
He is the Ballistics lab tech during season four. Markham became the head of the ballistics section when Calleigh left (03x24 "10-7"), but was quickly demoted after Calleigh discovered that Markham took short cuts, or slighted cases that mattered to her.
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Leo Donwell is played by Josh Zuckerman
we first saw him in internal affair, he was in DNA to find to whom the sample Alexx found on Nick's hand belong to. Then we saw him in "Broken Home" and he was Cooper's replacement in "Bloodline".


The Police:
yelina salas
MDPD Detective Yelina Salas is played by Sofia Milos
She is Raymond Caine Sr.'s Wife/Widow, and mother of Raymond Caine Jr. Since Season 5, she's been a private eye in Miami, giving Horatio the video that temporarily scuttled Ryan's career.
peter elliott
Secret Service Special Agent Peter Elliott is played by Michael Silver
He works in the Financial Crime Division and has an obvious infatuation with Calleigh Duquesne. For more information on Peter Elliott's brief flirtation with Calleigh, you can get more information at Calleigh's Relationship Page.
rick stetler
Internal Affairs Bureau Agent Sergeant Rick Stetler is played by David Lee Smith
IAB Sergeant and Horatio's personal nemesis. He later starts a relationship with Yelina, but she leaves with her husband on season 3 finale. His harsh feelings toward Caine stem from a bitter feeling when Horatio was promoted to lieutenant instead of him, believing Caine may have pulled in some "special favors" for the job. Horatio also suspects that during Stetler's relationship with Yelina, Stetler may have been abusive, which is evident when she comes to work one day with a black eye.
His insistence that Stetler leave Yelina after the incident created enough animosity for Stetler to spend vacation time in New York City, digging up any dirt he could find to discredit Horatio. The man doesn't stand a chance, because he's outmatched in the brains department. He could stand to listen to the maxim, "Honesty is the best policy," in all of his dealings at CSI.
john hagen
MDPD Detective John Hagen was played by Holt McCallany
A homicide detective who had emotional and psychological problems. Raymond Caine's partner prior to his faked death, he told Calleigh once that he couldn't stand being reminded of being the partner of a dirty cop. He also had a brief relationship with Calleigh in Season 2. For information on the relationship, you can find out more here. While pulling a crucial piece of evidence from a crime scene, he panicked when Calleigh came over to photograph the scene; he then crept up behind her and put his gun behind her head. Although he didn't mean to hurt her, it allowed him time to escape (she didn't know it was him at that time). He later shot himself in the Ballistics Lab in front of Calleigh during the Season 3 finale.
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
MDPD Detective Adelle Sevillais played by Wanda De Jesus
Adelle is a Latina homicide detective who occasionally accompanies the CSIs. She appeared in 10 episodes (season one).
jake berkeley
Jake Berkeley is played by Johnny Whitworth
An undercover ATF agent. Horatio Finds out that he is undercover and Jake ends the job. Later on, he joins the Miami-Dade Police Department. In the final episode of Season 5, he is assigned to the case. Jake had dated Calliegh before she worked for CSI, but they broke it off because he started to work undercover for ATF. More on Jake Berkeley here at the Calleigh Relationship page. Jake went from undercover work to working for Miami Dade Police Department as a detective in homicide.
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Megan Donner is played by Kim Delany
She was once the leader of the CSI team before her husband was killed. Leaving was all she could do in order to have proper time to grieve for her husband's death. Upon coming back, she's forced to deal with being under Horatio's command instead of being in command herself (01x01 "Golden Parachute"), and has problems with control. She is only in season one of the show. She leaves mysteriously, not even saying goodbye. She is unable to handle being a CSI any longer, seeing all the horrors in the world and being in constant danger (and seeing her friends in it as well). She's reminded of her husband's death. Her husband was a cop, who went across the street to investigate the boyfriend of a victim (at a scene at which Megan was processing the scene). He found the boyfriend out on the ledge and tried to talk him down, but he was taken over the edge and fell several stories to his death.
Officer Aaron Jessop played by Joel West
He appeared in 10 episodes between Season 2 and Season 4. He probably had the most screen time during the 4th season episode Open Water, when he and Delko had to search the bilge of a cruise liner for a woman's body. He seemed like a promising recurring character, but he was killed in the line of duty during the episode One of Our Own.
suzie barnham
Suzie Barnam-Keaton is played by Azura Skye
She is a meth addict who became involved in Horatio's personal life after revealing she had known his late brother Raymond. After Susie rehabs in Indiana and returns to Miami, Horatio learns that her daughter is Raymond's child (episode 208, "Big Brother"). In a later episode, her daughter Madison becomes terminally ill. Neither Horatio nor Susie are matches for a bone marrow transplant, but he convinces Yelina Salas to have her son Ray Jr. tested. Presumably, he is and Madison is cured.
madison keaton
Madison Keaton is played by Kyndell Cromwell
Madison is the daughter of Suzie Barnham-Keaton and Raymond Caine, Sr. She was conceived when Raymond was undercover and Suzie was using drugs. Raymond never knew that Madison was his daughter. Horatio discovered his niece when he was going after his brother's killer, Madison's stepfather (02x08 "Big Brother"). Suzie denied Madison's paternal parentage at first, but finally gave in under Horatio's pressure. He threatens her if she stays with her husband that he'd take Madison away to keep her safe from Bob Keaton. He helps Suzie and Madison with finances and with a new apartment (02x17 "Money for Nothing"). Yelina Salas sees Horatio with Suzie and Madison and assumes that Madison is Horatio's. He tries to deny it, but Yelina talks too quickly for him to do so, and decides that it's best that she just thinks that Madison is his daughter, rather than merely his niece. She was diagnosed with Leukemia, and Horatio helped Suzie through it emotionally, logically, and financially. He also was able to convince Yelina to let Ray Jr. help his half sister with a bone marrow transfusion. Suzie and Horatio were not matches, but to do this he had to reveal who Madison's father really was (03x16 "Nothing to Lose").
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Nick Townsend (Rob Estes, season 5)
Ex-husband to Natalia Boa Vista. Upon his release from prison, Nick re-entered Natalia's life as an employee of a crime-scene cleaning company who often worked crime scenes his ex-wife was assigned to process. Nick's treatment of Natalia following his parole consisted primarily of unwanted flirtation, which pushed Natalia into shoving him at a crime scene, an action Nick used as basis for a restraining order against her. Under the order, Natalia was forced to leave any crime scene Nick was sent to clean, which threatened her job. Nick subsequently agreed to drop the restraining order, provided Natalia treated him civilly from then on. Nick became a less-than-desirable presence on the job for both Natalia and Eric Delko, for whom Nick also took delight in causing discomfort due to Eric's prior romantic relationship with Natalia. Nick was murdered following a date with Maxine Valera, who'd shoved him to the floor in response to his unwanted advances and fled, thinking him dead. Though both Maxine and Natalia were suspected for the crime, Nick was in fact killed by a man whose wife had committed a murder Nick had worked that day. Nick had stolen an earring left at the scene by the man's wife and was bludgeoned to death when he refused to return it.
Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
Marisol Delko Caine played by Alana De La Garza
Marisol was one of Eric's older sisters, who had leukemia. Eric was very close to Marisol, and since he went through her cancer treatments, it made him very protective of his sister. Because of the painful treatments, Eric occasionally bought marijuana, to alleviate her pain and nausea. Afterwards, Eric helped to feed her when she had no appetite. Eric's friends found out when the drug dealer ruined a crime scene by dropping though a skylight and then saves himself by mentioning that Eric buys drugs from him. Marisol and Horatio were married between the episodes that aired on May 8 and May 15, 2006. She was shot by a Mala Noche sniper during the May 15 episode and later died from her injury. It was later discovered that the hit was ordered by a Mala Noche boss named Antonio Riaz, who found out about Marisol's family connections through his relationship as her marijuana dealer. Not long after, Horatio and Delko follow Riaz to Brazil, and Horatio kills Riaz. Her last words were with Horatio--
  • Horatio: I had...I had dinner plans tonight.
  • Marisol: Casa Tua?
  • Horatio: Casa Tua.
  • Marisol: 8:30?
  • Horatio: 8:30.
  • Marisol: You got the good table?
  • Horatio: I got the good table.
  • Horatio: You're not're not planning to stand me up, are you?
    Marisol: Never.
      At this point, Marisol is silent and holds Horatio's hand, closes her eyes, and the sound recorder behind her goes to a long electronic beep.
    Ray Caine
    Raymond Caine Sr.
    Horatio's brother who supposedly died in the line of duty while working undercover. Ray later returns only to be killed by Riaz's men in season 5. Ray is played by Dean Winters.
    Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
    Newscaster Erica Sykes is played by Amy Laughlin
    She is an aggressive ambitious young news reporter for the Miami CBS station, WFOR-TV. Her antics are often described as crazy and are very much annoying to the CSI team. She may or may not have dated Ryan at some stage, but the two often flirt.
    Recurring Characters - CSI Miami
    State Attorney Rebecca Nevins is played by Christina Chang
    Someone who briefly had a relationship with Horatio, but he broke it off when she made a deal with a criminal suspected of killing a cop and series of robberies as well as having a relationship with a 16-year-old girl who took part in his crimes. Originally expected to be a more regular character but has not appeared on the show since that episode for reasons unknown.She is Back again and mean as season 6 and see her in action
    Kyle Harmon
    • Kyle Harmon is played by Evan Ellingson. Horatio's newly found 16yr old son with a juvenile past first introduced on Season 6's premier episode "Dangerous Son" as a possible murder suspect. Kyle kidnaps a jail guard's wife, Kathleen Newberry, but releases her since it was another parolee, Rick Bates, plan and not Kyles. DNA left on his ankle bracelet monitoring system proves him to be Horatio Caine's son from an affair with Julia Eberly in Pensacola.
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    Julia Eberly Winston//Elizabeth Berkley
    Julia Eberly Winston is played by Elizabeth Berkley
  • First appearing in season 6 episode Raising Caine; Julia Winston is the newly widowed mother of Kyle Harmon and former girlfriend of Horatio Caine. Julia is reunited with Horatio as he investigates the murder of Bill Winston, billionaire and possible victim of con artist/realtor Julia. Julia is also reunited with her juvi son Kyle and pledges "to never leave him again" which worries Horatio as custody is given to Julia after Kyle's release from detention.
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    Officer Paula Muro is played by Shelli Bergh
    Officer in evidence locker. Appeared in 7 episodes.