The Guest Characters

Who are your favorite guest characters from past episodes?

Actor/Character Played
Episode #/Title Details of the role
Amber Tamblyn
Amber Tamblyn played Senior Cadet Valerie Barreiro
Season 1 Episode 11
Camp Fear
Bad kid gone good. What's not to like?
The Guest Characters - CSI MiamiRobert Ri'chard played Tobey Hollins Season 4 Episode 4
48 Hours to Life
Good kid, bad situation, even worse attitude. Hope he isn't like that in real life.
The Guest Characters - CSI MiamiMarisol Delko Caine played by Alana De La Graza Season 4
Ep.8 Nailed
Ep.10 Shattered
Ep.12 The Score
Ep.13 Silencer
Ep.19 Driven
Ep.21 Dead Air
Ep.22 Open Water
Ep.23 Shock
Ep.24 Rampage
Ep.25 One of Our Own

Marisol!!!! How could u 4 get?
Eric's Sister and Horatios Wife!!!
She died in 2006
The Guest Characters - CSI Miami
Johnny Whitworth played Jake Berkeley
In and out in season 5&6 Calleigh's ex and an under cover ATF agent, Jake is a big part is seasons 5&6(and hopefully 7)

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