Wiki Code of Conduct

To foster the best possible experience for all, the CSI: Miami community respectfully requests that its visitors and contributors honor this code of conduct. Failure to follow these rules will result in a deletion of your comment and/or content.

(1) Play nicely with others

  • Respect your peers — Treat others and their contributions with respect and foster considerate dialogue.
  • Do not use offensive language — Inappropriate, crude, or abusive language is not only unacceptable, it’s a lousy way to convince anyone of your point.
  • Remember, there are no stupid questions— Everyone’s input is welcomed and honored. “Flaming” others or demeaning their participation may build your self-esteem but it won’t help build community.
  • Report inappropriate behavior — Remove and/or report to the moderators disrespectful or provocative content, but refrain from seeking vigilante justice.

(2) Act in good faith

  • Don’t pilfer material — Don’t publish content to which you have no rights. Period. Full stop.
  • It’s about you, but not about YOU — This site exists to support an organic and communal body of information. Shameless self-promotion and hawking of wares are strictly verboten, not to mention pathetic.

(3) Promote the community spirit

  • Use the Moderators as a resource — Reach out to the Moderators for guidance or advice on how best to leverage the site. They are there to help.
  • Share the experience — Be an ambassador of the community by enrolling others in the discussion, sponsoring a good debate, and setting a good, collaborative example.

(4) Keep It original

  • Don't copy the content on other sites because people will know what you are doing!

For a more exhaustive list of legal do’s and don’ts, refer to the site’s Terms & Conditions.