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ryan wolf-jonathan togoimprtant!!!:all of you ar invited to put more pictures of Ryan,but plase of season 3.If you want to edit the page...no problem but plase don`t edit it if you are not sure of what are you going to do...and do not erase the thing that I put please.




Personal demons:

Defining Cases: Season 3

Under the Influence: [Untitled]
Legal: [Untitled]
Crime Wave: ryan wolf- crime wave
Hell Night: Photo Added By caligrl4life
Speed Kills: [Untitled]
Pirates: ryan wolf- pirates

Deep Dark Secret:DON`T TELL ME HE IS NOT HOT!!!

Trivia:very cute with long hair and bangs to the side


Here are some question about ryan(jonathan togo) in season 3

1-In what episode Ryan remains traumatized?
2-What color is the t-shirt of ryan in crime wave?
3-How old was Jonathan Togo when he starts on CSI MIAMI?
4-In LEGAL,why he looks at the body of the girl sad?
5-What is Ryan`s uncle name?
6-In UNDER THE INFLUENCE,Ryan throws something to the aligator.What is it?

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